Calligraphy: Rhythm and Soul

Calligraphy: Rhythm and Soul is a one-day intensive workshop focusing on multiple aspects of writing, design, creativity and sensuality, and how all of these areas of life coincide and dance together. We will cover basic technical proficiency with pens and tools, and gain familiarity with letter proportion and harmony.

We will also integrate our existing skill sets and relationships with writing and mark-making into calligraphy, so that we can forge a link between design and everyday life. We will learn a bit from a few different scripts, and feel free to bring whatever tools you like to make your work / whatever inspires you (Drury will bring some of his favorite books to share with you). Our expert Drury will speak clear english and is not difficult to understand!

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Weitere Workshop-Informationen:

Das Material ist inkludiert und wird von uns zur Verfügung gestellt.
Der Workshop findet in englischer Sprache statt, wird aber gut verständlich sein.
Für Linkshänder ist das Angebot leider nicht optimal geeignet.

Der Experte

Drury Brennan is a Schriftkünstler (writing artist) living since 2013 in Berlin. His artistic practice integrates design, poetry and music to create a kind of fluid art technology, one that has him giving writing workshops for refugees in the U-Bahn and, on the other hand, having multiple vernissages in the South of France for his fine art.

He has taught calligraphy for the past 5 years at the TYPO conference, Europe’s largest typography gathering, in addition to universities in Germany and Poland, and also gives informal workshops over a cup of coffee, if you seem really interested :). He has a website and an Instagram, both @drurybrennan, but prefers that you visit him the analog way, at his studio in a refugee sharehaus in Berlin-Neukölln.

Der Ort

Lichtdurchflutete Räume in der Arnoldstraße im Stadtteil Ottensen. Frei vom Arbeitsalltag lässt es sich hier leicht Neues lernen.

Während der Veranstaltung: Ist für Essen und Getränke gesorgt.


Für Freiberufler 119,00 Euro zzgl. MwSt. und Eventbritegebühr
Earlybird für Freiberufler 104,00 Euro zzgl. MwSt. und Eventbritegebühr

Für Firmen ab 8 Angestellten: 159,00 Euro zzgl. MwSt. und Eventbritegebühr


Samstag, 23. September 2017
10:30 Uhr bis 16:30 Uhr

Arnoldstraße 19
22765 Hamburg


Drury Brennan,